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        ZX-200 on the working site of

        The Safecleen Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd (Originated from Black Whirlwind Engineering Machinery Development Co., Ltd) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau SANCHUANDEQINC TECHNOLOGY LIMITEO COMPANY, is located in the beautiful Yichang City Hi-tech Development Zone in Three Gorges Pearl City. The Safecleen owns over 60 years historical evolution which uses ''Responsible state-owned enterprises, green state-owned enterprises" as a mission. It's a National high-tech enterprise. The research and development center of this company is Hubei provincial technology center. Moreover, it establishes long-term cooperation and production base with Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Ceosciences, Hohai University, Southwest Petroleum University, China Three Gorges University and so on. The Safecleen is professional manufacturing enterprise for some foundation construction equipment, such as engineering slurry treatment, urban pipeline sludge disposal, river dredging, lake desilting, atmospheric dusting, pressure grouting, etc. The Safecleen control product design, production and service process in accordance with the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 integration management system requirements. It's a pride that Safecleen owns independent brands and technology patents in engineering mud treatment. After 20 years of continuous innovation and accumulation, the technology of mud treatment in Safecleen has reached the international advanced level. At present. Safecleen becomes a "Slurry treatment expert" enterprise which is the greatest, the most mature and owns the most high market share in China. What's more, its products are exported to all over the world, and it makes successful application in a number of key projects both at home and abroad.

        The general manager Mr.Zhang Peiqiang with all staff in Safecleen warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit Safecleen, and would like to establish sincere cooperation with them.

         International Department Tel:+86 717 6066383  +86 717 6066331 E-mail: hxf@cmgb.cn
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